Time to get smarter

I know this might sound ridiculous…. but i realize now that i got too fucking many frames in my mind. I certainly gotta get rid of it… gotta widen up my mind

Change smth

To achieve sumth ya gotta start grinding…
To start grinding ya should change sumth…
for example… start getting up earlier!

«I been on my grind all week, i ain’t been gettin no sleep, but that shit don’t matter to me…» Dej Loaf


Freedom should be the keyword of every conscious man’s life. Living without being free to do whatever you want and need is like killing yourself. In my mind living equals freedom: freedom of action, of movement, of thought, of speech… So if you feel that something you do is desizing your freedom — quit it. Money is not as valueable as freedom is. Freedom is primary, money’s secondary. I mean selling your freedom for money and not feeling alive ain’t a good way, cuz you can do things you want getting even more money. Be yourself, be free. Stay on your grind.


Procrastination ain’t good. Gotta get rid of it quick.

Fuck the World

The scariest shit I’ve ever seen is human inner world…